Children are curious and enthusiastic about learning, however when they have difficulty understanding concepts their frustration becomes evident.

Providing tuition for your child is an investment in their education and their future, our qualified and experienced tutors help eliminate frustration and build your child’s confidence to ensure they have success on a regular basis. Our tutors develop their programs based on your child’s specific needs and interests, their individual program is designed to allow them to have success and to grasp concepts easily.

People learn at different rates and by different means. We recognise that learning is most effective when students are engaged in a range of activities that cater to their learning style. The programs are designed to cater for different rates and styles of learning. This flexibility in the programs ensures your child has success, which is crucial to learning. Students are stimulated in a supportive, non-threatening environment.

Working with a tutor allows immediate feedback of the student’s level of understanding of concepts. A concept can be explained at the student’s rate of learning and focus is placed on their particular learning style. The tutor can assess the student’s comprehension of concepts and reinforce the concept until it is fully grasped before moving on to the next topic.

Our goal is to develop confidence in their own ability, to be risk takers and to learn attributes and skills of an effective independent lifelong learner. Our programs aim to develop deep understanding and relevant skills that enable each child to reach their academic potential.