How do you best prepare for university?

Focus on exam results. Take time out. Value your time Take time off Never stop learning Experience has a rating. Is it overvalued? Be courageous

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What is QSC?

QSC is the Queensland Core Skills test which rates senior students across the State. This core skills test is a Queensland test that has been designed for Queensland students. The individual results contribute to group results and they provide a baseline to compare students across the state. There are four papers which cover common curriculum elements (49 elements have been identififed across the senior years). The test will consist of four parts - a writting task, short response and two multiple choice papers. If you are looking for resources to help assist you child, click on the following link. [...]

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What we offer

• Maths • English • Physics - We are pleased to welcome Matthew to the Turneround Tutoring team.  Matthew is a physics and maths natural wonder and has recently received an award of excellence in the Australian National Chemistry Quiz, which required him to be in the top 0.1% of fifteen countries. If you have ever thought of obtaining tutoring for your child (or yourself) in physics or maths, Matthew is highly skilled in these areas. • One-on-one tuition: We personalise every child and every program. • All year levels Primary to Year 12 and a variety of subjects • No lock in contracts or booking [...]

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Naplan Tests 2013

The National Assessment Program - Literacy and Numeracy, commonly known as NAPLAN will be held this year between May 14-16. These tests measure your student's performance across the Nation and are a useful tool to help monitor your child's progress in LIteracy and Numeracy. The results from these tests also help to determine funding for students that need appropriate support. If your child is in Year  3, 5, 7 or 9 then they will undertake these tests. For more information or for sample tests please follow the link. This link is also useful in regards to key dates and background information [...]

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Reading Strategies

Reading is not only about being able to read words on a page but it also includes understanding what you read. There are numerous strategies that you can use at home with your child to help develop reading for meaning. Some of these strategies include making predictions, retelling, answering questions, summarising and word attack strategies. To read more information on the following strategies follow the link below Regards Debbie

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Common spelling rules and their exceptions

A recent article I read was suggesting how to teach the common spelling rules surrounding vowels due to the fact that there are so many exceptions around each spelling pattern. Examples: "i" before "e" except after "c" Two vowels go walking, the first one does the talking. An exception to the first rule would be the word "caffeine" An exception to the second rule would be the word "registration" The majority of words do follow the spelling rules, however there are many exceptions to those rules, hence children get confused. Follow the link to learn the eight essential rules of spelling   [...]

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Benefits of personal english tutoring

The learning of the English language helps to provide individuals with many  unique opportunities, which will allow them to expand work potential, as well as  social atmospheres. English represents one of the primary business languages  utilized throughout the world, so it is vital that you take the time necessary  to learn the fundamentals associated with this language. One of the greatest  opportunities individuals take advantage of, in order to accomplish this goal,  is to prepare themselves for taking the IELTS test. When preparing for this test  for yourself, look into the opportunities of researching the test, seeking a  tutor for English, [...]

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Benefits of personal maths tutoring

Many believe that tutoring is only needed and essential for those children  who are struggling and needing help with their homework and to improve the  grades. The fact is tutoring is beneficial for children in a number of  positions. For those who are already well advanced, tutoring can be advantageous  in preparing the child for the next year, future topics in the syllabus and thus  getting a head start. Increasingly however tutoring is being employed for those  pupils who are planning on sitting entrance level exams in order to be accepted  to higher and more elite schools and education facilities. It [...]

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Welcome to Turneround Tutoring

Welcome to the Turneround Tutoring blog page. I will use this to give regular updates on research and ways to assist your child at home. I hope this helps.   Regards Debbie

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English Tutors

Our qualified English tutors provide each student with an individually tailored program designed to complement the student’s particular syllabus or curriculum, with scope for extension or remedial work as required. English tutors will work with classroom assignments and plan for upcoming tests, so that students are well prepared for English throughout the school year. English tutors are selected on their academic background, skill level and experience, personality, manner, motivation and reliability.   Regards Debbie

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