Turneround Tutoring, a division of Tutor Sunshine Coast, was established in 2007 by founder Debra Turner.  With over 20 years teaching experience and a former Principal, Turneround Tutoring was developed on the Sunshine Coast to help make a difference in your child’s life and empower them to be successful lifelong learners.

Our reputation reflects our philosophy:  “Every child deserves to have success and to feel good about themselves.”

Turneround Tutoring provides a non-threatening environment which inspires learners to reach their full potential.  Learning is fun and our tutors display this with their enthusiasm, passion and innovative programs.

At Turneround Tutoring we understand that children learn at different paces and have different learning styles. Our programs are tailored to suit the needs and learning styles of every individual.

An initial assessment will determine your child’s strengths, learning style and areas for improvement.

We are passionate about improving your child’s self confidence and encourage them to have fun whilst learning.

Turneround Tutoring is dedicated to helping your child improve.

Located centrally on Buderim in the Sunshine Coast Queensland, Turneround Tutoring offers an easy and professional service.